Software Developer

Tech is the engine that drives every interaction at Swoop, with both internal and external customers. We have a bespoke CRM that does a good job of serving the needs of our sales, operations and marketing teams. This is combined with three websites (and CMS), and a bespoke customer review platform. Our current stack is as follows:

  • The software is written in PHP, using the Codeigniter framework, with a growing number of Javascript components written in React. We are commencing a re-architecture project to incrementally replace Codeigniter with Laravel.

  • MySQL / MariaDB is used as a database server, all running on Linux servers.

  • The logical architecture is simple: two monolithic web applications, each connecting to a MySQL database.

  • Bash scripts for server utility/operations tools.

  • We use Git for version control and work using an agile workflow.

Going forward it is our intention to build a stack that integrates:

  • Migrating our core CRM (including messaging platform and customer feedback) to a Laravel framework using React for front-end components; integrating third party apps where sensible (e.g. Mailchimp, Typeform).

  • New applications and functionality to be developed and managed in-house.

  • Mobile is a very big part of our future vision with a plan to provide our customers with an installable mobile app, either fully native or PWA, to enhance their travel experience.

  • In addition we are constantly improving the platform and optimising performance.

What you’ll be doing

We are looking for a developer to join our team on a permanent basis, reporting to Duncan Porter, our Lead Developer. We are considering a range of experience and skills for the role to enhance our current team of full stack developers. You do not have to be full stack and we welcome applications from any developer who feels their skill set can help us deliver incredible applications for our customers and internal teams. At Swoop, we architect roles to individuals; your role will evolve over time and as opportunities are identified.

Who you’ll be

Our ideal candidate will be Bristol based and enjoy working independently but also want to be part of a mixed-discipline team, preferring to work in an agile environment. You’ll have have experience working in some of the following: Javascript, PHP, SQL, React, UX and be open to alternative development languages/methodologies. Experience in developing mobile applications is desirable, but not essential for this role. You’ll relish the opportunity to collaborate with design, UX, IA specialists, and internal customers.

In return we can offer

In return we can offer a competitive salary based on your experience, 25 days of holiday, plus your birthday, and bank holidays. A relaxed workspace for projects, and the best views in Bristol at our HQ. We’ll provide you with a fast and capable development laptop to work on. We run Mac and Linux. You’ll have significant input to the product development roadmap and influence over how solutions are engineered. Coaching from day one, particularly around working with multi-disciplined teams and other stakeholders. You’ll have the opportunity to spend 1-2 days per year participating in local Tech Conferences on behalf of the company. We regularly host ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions with both internal and external speakers. Last, but not least the pride that will naturally come from building the engine that lies behind thousands of extraordinary experiences at the ends of the earth!

How to apply

Please send your CV and a one-page response to these questions to

  • What has been the application/feature/product that you are most proud of developing and why?

  • What has been your biggest or most memorable achievement outside of work?